Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for handling tantrums
Therapy for Tantrums in Kids and Teens
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Solving Tantrums

Expert instruction on

on how to deal with your toddler or teen's tantrums 

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An easy to follow course in cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness

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Are you having problems with dealing with temper tantrums in your toddler, kid or teen? 

Do you think you might benefit from some expert advice or therapy to help you through the terrible twos? the storm and stress of teenage years? 

Would you like to be able to manage your child's anger effectively?

Tantrum Therapy: The Essential Guide is a self help cogntive beahviour therapy manual for parents who want to be good parent, who want to know when to be tender and when to be tough.

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Tantrum Therapy

 The Essential Guide

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I predict that 

  • You will feel more empowered and self-confident as a parent

  • You will discover that being authoritative but not overbearing is more effective

  • You will learn to understand your children better

  • You will learn to understand your own reactions better and change them

  • Your children will learn to respect you, admire you and love you

  • Your partner, if you have one, and your parents will respect you for knowing how to handle a difficult and demanding situation.

Would you agree that that is worth a lot?  The whole package, online training course and MP3, can be yours for a fraction of the cost of a special meal out for the family or a fraction of the cost of one session of face to face therapy.


Free Bonus 1: Handling Tantrums at Bed Time

My gift to you!


Because I know that parenting can sometimes be a lonely road and we can often be at our wit’s end about how to handle our kids, I would like to share with you my tips on how to Handle Tantrums at Bed Time. I have two lovely daughters who are young women now and I was really trying to do my best by both of them. Having read quite a lot of psychology, I used very different bed time strategies with each of them.  One still has a few sleep problems (luckily she loves me and knows I was trying my best for her!) and the other sleeps like a dream. So I would like to share with you what I have learned.  Here is a bonus MP3. I was interviewed by Nick, a student and the bonus MP3 is a recording of that interview.

toddler tantrums at bed time, interview Dr. Nimmi Hutnik


Free Bonus 2: Handling Tantrums in Teeangers

Another gift for you!


And with this  parenting skills training course I will include a FREE BONUS interview with Juliet Verney, who is a psychotherapist practising in Winchester, UK. Juliet talks about how she handled temper tantrums in her two sons when they were teenagers. She tells us about how important it is to be a loving and friendly but firm parent  to teenagers and how necessary it is to establish a democratic parenting style rather than an autocratic, permissive or neglectful style. Establishing a 'family meeting' is useful for this.

Handling teenage temper tantrums, Interview Dr. Nimmi Hutnik with Juliet Verney

This is a GEM of an interview: It will help you on your road to greater peace, happiness, fulfilment and empowerment as a parent and must not be missed. It is yours for FREE in MP3 format. if you order IMMEDIATELY.

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the other on Handling Teenagers

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Tantrum Therapy: The Essential Guide 

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Tantrum Therapy:The Essential Guide

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Tantrum Therapy:The Essential Guide

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Tantrum Therapy:The Essential Guide

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Let me reassure you:

It is possible to learn how to handle your kid’s tantrums.

You can do it without shouting, or bribing or threatening or punishing. LIfe will become more manageable and you can START RIGHT NOW!

I wish you all Peace and Happiness in your family for the future.


Dr. Nimmi Hutnik

Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist.


P.S. You deserve to know how to deal effectively with temper tantrums. Learning how to handle you child’s tantrums will lead to a warmer, brighter, happier future for you and your family.


P.P.S. It will also increase your ability to handle other difficult relationships and situations.  What are you waiting for?